The 10 best beaches on the east coast

The Ceará Beach team has compiled a list of the 10 best beaches on the east coast. The objective is to help tourists and even Ceará people to know the charms of the coast of Ceará. If you agree or disagree, comment on your expectations or experiences on these beaches. Do not hesitate to send us your opinion.

The order of the beaches is according to the proximity to Fortaleza.

The beach of Porto das Dunas is the closest to Fortaleza, 20 km., Has a very good structure of tents and is where Beach Park is located, considered one of the main tourist complexes of Latin America. Cearenses and tourists frequent "Beach Park Beach", as it is known, which is at the entrance to the park. The food is delicious, but the price is more "salty". There are other tents in the area, among them the tent of Tadeu that also has a great structure and with cheaper options in the menu. It has no hawkers and totally safe.

Iguape's entry into this list was not easy. Some members of the Praia Ceará team think it is very common. However, as Antino's first time was there and he made sure she was here. The team surrendered. Ah, making it clear, the first time in the surf! The beach is 44 km from Fortaleza and access by CE-040 following CE-453 is excellent. Iguape has a good infrastructure of tents with a varied menu. And, of course, the waves are great for novice and more experienced surfers. At the end of the day, you can still take a pass at the Rendezvous Center and bring a souvenir.

Águas Belas is a super right name for the beach. The mark of the place is the paradisiacal scenery formed in the encounter of the Mal River Cooked with the sea. A beautiful contrast of the colors of vegetation, water and sand. It is a good option for those who want to enjoy a quiet beach and very close to Fortaleza. Located in the municipality of Cascavel, east coast of Ceará, it is 60 km from the capital of Ceará.

The beach of Morro Branco is in the municipality of Beberibe, 79 km from the capital of Ceará. From Fortaleza, follow the CE-040. The beach is 5 km from the city center. Visitors can take buggy and raft trips and go through the labyrinth of Morro Branco, a beautiful formation composed of dunes and cliffs, where you can see the colorful natural sands. The scenery is stunning. Guide tracking is optional.

Praia das Fontes is 93 km from Fortaleza in the municipality of Beberibe. The sea is usually calm and in times of wind (between July and December) you get kitesurfers. Another attraction of the place are the cliffs and, of course, the fountains that spring from them. Besides the beach itself, you can hire buggies and visit the Lagoa do Uruaú. The tour goes through farther fountains and through the Cave of the Mother of Water. On average, it costs $ 150 per car, which can fit up to four people.

Pontal de Maceió is a good choice for those who want tranquility and a wonderful view. It is a kind of paradise, a beautiful place! The beach is in the town of Fortim, about 130 km from Fortaleza. It is interesting to visit it when you are in the beaches of Aracati, because Fortim is approximately to 15 km of the municipality.

One of the best known beaches in Ceará. Famous for its natural beauty and bustling nightlife, Canoa Quebrada is located in the municipality of Aracati, about 150 km from Fortaleza. The cliffs are natural attractions with a reddish color that bring a special beauty to the place. One of the best known spots is Broadway Street, where the bustle of the place is: restaurants, snack bars, supermarkets, shops and even some ballads.

The beach of Ponta Grossa is a charm. Beautiful, quiet, a bit hidden, without much infrastructure, but has the necessary for those who want to enjoy a day or two in the place. It is located in the municipality of Icapuí, 200 km from Fortaleza. The distance from Ponta Grossa to the county seat is about 20 km. Access to the beach is quiet by the track. The cliffs give charm to the place, which vaguely resembles Canoa Quebrada. Rafts adorn the sea and the land.

Another example of a beautiful beach in Icapuí is Redonda , which is about 15 km north of the municipal headquarters. To walk there is to forget the problems. The sea forms natural pools of calm waters and part of the beach is embellished by multicolored cliffs, in the format that gives name to the place. The fishing village survives from tourism and lobster fishing, a highlight of the cuisine of the local restaurants. Unfortunately the beach is suffering with the advance of the sea, but it is an unforgettable place and should be listed on your personal list of beach paradises.

Chitérias has as great merit being unknown, which gives the small fishing village a fetish of a place still unexplored. It is also in Icapuí and a few kilometers from the bustling Tibau-RN. But it still remains virtually intact. One mark of the beach is the intense movement of the tide. During the morning, it is usually necessary to walk up to 300 meters from the first houses on the beach until you reach the sea. A few hours later, the water threatens to invade the houses. An interesting factor of this phenomenon is that you can walk and swim far away in the sea that hardly the water will reach your waist. As the waves are minimal, the feeling is to swim in a salt water pool.