Morro Branco Beach

A fascinating sunset from the top of the cliffs, labyrinths where visitors stroll and observe sands of twelve different colors, rafts to the high seas in search of fish, dunes, lagoons, beauty and adventure, everything is found in Morro Branco and Praia das Fontes, in the Ceará state of Beberibe, 85 km from the capital: Fortaleza.
Bicas, springs of natural waters, rocks, caves, strong waves breaking against the reefs, trails in the middle of the cliffs (sand walls) are some of the charms reserved for the visitors. The Labyrinth, whose entrance is by the beach is the main attraction. Numerous native guides offer their services for affordable values. Raft raft offer the possibility of a refreshing swim in the sea, far more or less about 500 meters from the beach.